Saturday, May 7, 2011


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still no to late to wish you hepi bufday my dear friend! almost one year, da tak jumpa. but, it's not mean yang kita saling melupai. 

even u r my lover before, then we's not mean we are enemy ryte now. sometimes, i remembered you, but bukanlah kerana cinta lama.  if, we still can meet, i just wanna say, thank you so much for being there. when i felt that i'm alone with nobody cares and wanna be a friend, you always be there. you heard my tears, you listened all my story, and you shared all my happiness. i still  remembered when i cried you always said "stop crying! i hate your tears". i miss it so much.

you always have a time to listened a story, even sometimes you don't care about it. but you force yourself to listen. and you said " i don't know kau banyak cakap sebelum ni" haha. dan bila bersama-sama membuang masa, kita banyak merepek dan ketawa kuat-kuat. who cares? i miss it so much..

bila da tak siapa yang sudi berkawan n duduk bersama gelak ketawa, kau masih ade untuk saling merapu.. when i told you my problems, you let me have a feeling to tell all my hurting and you always told me "biar orang cakap pasal kita, tapi jangan sesekali buat jahat kat orang". i kept that word.

we spent a lot time together until we tired and go home and continue for tomorrow..

if people need me to forget you, i got so many reason to not make it happen. and i will tell them about it. i just wanna say  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING THERE!!


hepi birthday engku mohd aidil...

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