Saturday, September 21, 2013

I'm Missing You

I'm am the person who always sets my mind in saying why should cry on someone who has not yet become my husband. I treat myself to not love someone with fully of my heart. So, if i have a broken heart, i don't have to laying on my bed, crying all the times, loss of appetite, and loss of mood.

When someone told me about their sadness of the relationship, i'm the one who gonna said "JUST LEAVE HIM/HER" without saying any word that can make person feel better. Because i think why we should cry to someone that doesn't love you anymore. We should forget and do something that can make ourself happy.


But this time, i'm the one who crying all the nights because of broken heart. I loss my appetite, i loss my mood, my body getting sick, everything i do is wrong, i keep remembered the memories together, a always pensive, not pay attention on thing i'm doing, almost crash,....and i'm just not myself.

And this make me realize, that i never appreciate the relationship, i never appreciate my partner, not compromise, cannot control my bad temper and shouted insult, do something his dislikes, never care about his feeling, always on emotions, and now.........he just throw me out of his life. 

And the things cannot repeated back is word, act and time. I'm so sorry for the things I've done that make you hurt. My bad words that also hurting yourself and make you keep remembering and the reason for hard to accept me back, sorry for not appreciate you. And...thanx for having me.

Now, no call and message from you. 

I miss you.

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